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Reason for using: fright attacks anxiety.Side Effects: some sleepiness when first taking no one after 1 weekI was prescribed klonopin after taking ativan for about 3 years. I skilled a critical fright strike 3 years before and the medical practitioner prescibed Lexapro which made me exceedingly worse. Have serontonin syndrome could not sit, believe, eyes dialated beyon conviction was a tense wreck. Was put on ativan was ok for about 1 year then the ativan appeared to halt employed as good. Went to the medical practitioner Jan 2007 bawling tense etc. He put me on Cymbalta took first dose had a awful answer warm flushes and critical fright strike had to be taken to hospital. When I came dwelling I was agitating for 2 to 3 days. I recognized the medical practitioner had prescribed klonopin and I had taken it to the chemist but not ever selected it up so I dispatched my married man to get it. I took a little less than half of 0.05 mg and after 30 minutes just calmed down completely. Been taking little parts every 8 hours if required and I am doing 100% better as far as the disquiet, agitating etc.... This is the best thing I have taken so far

I have been prescribed numerous cheek medications but now that I am on Klonopin I seem like a emblem new person. I really seem like getting out and being more communal with people.

Reason for using: critical anxiety/irrational thoughts.Side Effects: NoneThis pharmaceutical is amazing. It is much better than Xanax and it appears to contain its life rather well. It actually rests me and I am not over tired. It actually has been a good thing for me. I take 2 .5 milligrams a day and I just wish that I do not proceed through departure symptoms when I try to disembark of it.

Reason for using: Social Anxiety Disorder + Panic.Side Effects: A little drowsiness when I first begun taking it, then no side effects at all. This med actually has worked wonders for my communal disquiet and fright disorder - I seem like I'm eventually dwelling my life.I was uncertain about taking a benzo because they get so much awful promotion but can frankly state that it was the best conclusion I made. I've taken 4mg Clonazepam a day (in 2 split up doses) for communal disquiet for 5 years. It worked directly away, it has granted me self-assurance, eradicated fright attacks, I doze actually well and it seems to augment my anti-depressant treatment. I have endeavoured distinct dosages, and as long as the dose was altered by nothing less than 0.125mg at a time I had no problem. If you are going to take Clonazepam I would suggest going for the Roche emblem as either Klonopin or Rivotril.

Reason for using: temporal lobe epilepsy.Side Effects: Sleepiness for the first twosome of weeks, that is all. Worked very well for my seizures, stopping not less than 3/4. Problem was that it is very simple to get utilised to, and occasionally, I would still have break-through seizures. After some 15 years of taking it, I weaned off it for diverse reasons. Withdrawal was sore and disturbing with powerful side effects similiar to DTs but passed.I find it disheartening that this pharmaceutical, which is primarly demonstrated for commanding convulsions, is being presented out like confectionary for anxiety. It is rather addicting and an addiction and withdrawals can be devestating for disquiet patients. I wish medical practitioners are taking good care of these patients.